Handcare 101

Handcare 101

Handcare 101

When we think about skincare, for most of us the first thing that comes to mind is the face, and by extension, the neck and décolleté (the upper chest area). The reality is, there’s another area that sees as much (if not more!) daily use and exposure to the sun and environment, and is therefore just as susceptible to signs of aging, dryness and general wear and tear. Any guesses?  

We’ll give you a hand: the hands!

Hand dryness is experienced by so many people, whether it’s due to changing seasons, living in a dry region or you’ve recently ramped up your hand washing frequency and hand sanitizer use.

We’re all washing and sanitizing our hands more than ever these days, which for a lot of us means dry, cracking hands that we simply can’t keep up with. Keeping our hands clean is obviously a priority, so we’re looking for ways to fight dry hands with lots of conditioning moisture to soothe and heal.

Why So Dry?

When we wash our hands, we’re essentially stripping away most of the natural oils that keep us moisturized. This isn’t inherently wrong, as we obviously need to kill germs and keep hands clean—now more than ever. The key to avoiding dry, cracked hands is to make sure we add this moisture back in (ideally right after washing or sanitizing) to get ahead of water evaporation, which can exacerbate dryness even more. 

What To Try?

Restorative Mask

This powerfully nourishing mask has a thick, non-greasy consistency that sinks in for instant (yet long-lasting) hydration. Antioxidant-rich, conditioning ingredients like vitamin E and botanical oils help restore skin’s strength and elasticity, creating incredible softness. Due to vitamin E’s chemical structure, this product penetrates deeply to help repair the damaged moisture barrier that often leads to dry, cracked hands. 

Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil

For hands in need of an extra boost to fight dryness, try applying Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil by itself or mixed together with any Glo Skin Beauty moisturizer. This fast absorbing, skin conditioning oil features protective plant stem cell technology with regenerative, reparative properties while a blend of squalane, argan and jojoba and sunflower oils soften and nourish.

Conditioning Body Butter

A quick peek around Glo headquarters reveals this product as a fan-favorite, since it’s sitting on nearly every employee’s desk. Nourishing, antioxidant-rich emollients deliver silky, weightless hydration, while vitamin E , sweet almond and evening primrose oils help protect against dryness by boosting skin’s natural defense and aiding in tissue repair. The best part: the subtle scent of sweet almond amaretto soothes senses and delivers a luxurious relaxation experience.

Barrier Balm

This occlusive balm not only works great by itself to nourish and hydrate lips, face, feet, hands (basically anywhere on the body) with vitamin E, rose hip seed oil and bisabolol, but also works as a shield to lock in moisture, allowing products applied underneath to soak in even more effectively. Apply any Glo Skin Beauty moisturizer (try Restorative Mask for extra powerful hydration or Balancing Moisture Remedy for a fragrance-free option) to hands, then follow up with Barrier Balm to create your own DIY hand mask for maximum moisture. 

Try these too!

In addition to our favorites listed above, any of Glo Skin Beauty’s moisturizer can multi-task as a lotion or hand mask. Simply spread any excess onto affected hand area after face application, or use an additional amount to fight dryness. 

  • Conditioning Hydration Cream
  • Oil Free Moisturizer
  • Restorative Cream

Treatment + Protection

Remember, the hands are just as important to the face when it comes to fighting signs of aging, and this includes using products that exfoliate away dry surface skin cells to reveal smoother, softer hands. Incorporate a hand aging treatment like Retinol Smoothing Serum a few nights a week to help regenerate skin on the hands and fight the visible effects that sun damage or dryness can cause. Just be sure to follow up with a moisturizer or hand treatment to add the hydration back in. 

Sun exposure can lead to signs of aging and higher susceptibility to hand dryness, whether it’s hyperpigmentation or texture issues like wrinkles, sagging and cracking. Even 10 minutes of incidental sun exposure each day can gradually build up over time, so make sure to always apply to the back of the hands every single day: rain, snow or shine. 

After applying Oil Free SPF 40+ or any Glo Skin Beauty SPF product to your face, be sure to add a small amount to the back of the hands to keep them defended and hydrated, and to protect against harmful rays that can lead to dryness. 

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